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Roger Klug - Mama, Mama, Ich bin in dem La La Land
Roger Klug - Toxic and 15 Other Love Songs
Roger Klug - Where Has The Music Gone?: The Lost Recordings Of Clem Comstock
Roger Klug - More Help For Your Nerves
The Willies - s/t
The Willies - Calm Cool Collected
ODDS AND SODS (Miscellaneous tracks)
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Roger Klug
Mama, Mama, Ich bin in dem La La Land

  1. I'd Love To Make You Change Your Mind (3:35)
  2. La La Land (4:26)
  3. Romance Of Depression (4:34)
  4. Shaken Not Stirred (4:28)
  5. Walking on Eggshells (4:42)
  6. About Your Cat...(5:23)
  7. Tongue Tied (5:05)
  8. You Do Something To Me (3:34)
  9. Takin' Up My Time (3:06)
10. Our Friend Jess (8:20)
11. You're Alright (4:50)
12. Ode To a Fiancée's Answering Machine (0:32)
13. Vibin' (4:23)
14. They Ain't The Same (6:43)
15. Austin and Aaron (3:16)
16. Sweat the Poison Out (4:35)
17. Let The Future Be Your Friend (2:31)

Guest Musicians:
Robin Sanfilippo - Cello on "About Your Cat..."
Julie Spangler - Vocals on "Vibin'" and "They Ain't The Same"
DeAnn Burger - Violin and Viola on "Austin and Aaron"
Elizabeth Gottling - Cello on "Austin and Aaron"

Produced by Roger Klug
Recorded at Mental Giant
Drums on tracks 1-5 recorded at Grxymkjbn by Chip Gilchrist
Assembled by Bruce Ellis at the Corbett Studio
Mastered by Bill Gwynne at Group Effort
Photos by Mike Tittel
Design by Mary Klug

Mama Sound Clips
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If Toxic is Roger Klug's Pop Masterpiece, then Mama, Mama is his Garage Rock Album.  The guitars are cranked one louder, and the ancient 8-track machine which died shortly after mixing this opus replicates everything in Full Analog Glory.  Check out the guitar textures of "Our Friend Jess" and "They Ain't The Same," relish the devil-may-care vocal delivery of "Tongue Tied" and "About Your Cat," but don't ignore the baroque yet pathological "Austin and Aaron" with its gorgeous string quartet and "Vibin'," which could be described as a nightmare that swings.  
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Roger Klug
Toxic and 15 Other Love Songs

  1. Toxic (6:11)*
  2. On The Way To His Wedding (3:10)
  3. Nothing Better (3:33)
  4. She's A Singer (4:15)
  5. Baby On Her Mind (3:52)
  6. All Hacked Off (An Agony in Three Fits) (4:30)
  7. Things Change (4:57)
  8. Little Thing Called Trust (4:12)*
  9. As You Lay Snoring Next To Me (4:21)
10. Disney Eyes (3:49)
11. Dawdling Daughter (1:46)
12. Where Did My Girlfriend Go? (2:51)*
13. Porcupine (5:46)*
14. Bim Bam Boom (2:23)*
15. Dance of The Pheromones (in Two Acts) (4:29)
16. When We're Old (3:14)

Also Appearing:
Robin Sanfilippo - Cello Madness on 'Things Change'
Jeff Karch - Drums, Percussion and B-Vox on 'Porcupine'
Dave Herbert - Bass and B-Vox on 'Porcupine'
Julie Spangler - Voices on 'Dance Of The Pheromones'
Monika Klug - Drums and Vocals on 'I'll Never Find A More Beautiful Girl'

Produced by Roger Klug
Recorded and mixed at the New And Improved Mental Giant
(tracks *recorded at the Old Yet Adequate Mental Giant)
Mastered by Dale 'Smitty' Smith at Sound Images
Photos by Mike Tittel
Design by Mary Klug

Toxic Sound Clips
Toxic & 15 Other Love Songs

Presenting for your listening pleasure Roger's internationally-hailed second solo album.  Described once by the artist as "sort of a loosely-based concept album no Christ forget I ever said that," Toxic is a pop tour de force that leaves no stone unturned in the quest for exposing and exploring the viscosity and thermal breakdown of human relationships.  No less than that.  Includes the hits "On The Way To His Wedding," "Nothing Better," "Disney Eyes," and concert fave "Porcupine."  
More Help For Your Nerves

Released May 2009

Roger Klug
More Help For Your Nerves

  1. Tinnitus
  2. Dump Me Hard
  3. An Artist In The Field
  4. Girl After My Own Heart
  5. About Time
  6. For The Kids
  7. Witch From Hell
  8. The Day I Had My Brain Removed
  9. Hi-Hat
10. A Girl Like That
11. Bi-Curious
12. When Dreams Dry Up
13. My Life Is Sweet
14. Souls To Heaven
15. Bogeyman
16. Man's Man
17. Your Diary

Mike Tittel - Drums on "Tinnitus" and "Bi-Curious"
Chris Arduser - Drums on "Dump Me Hard"
Emily Randle Leader - Violin Solo on "Bogeyman"
Emily Randle Leader and Eva Rosenberg - Strings on "Souls To Heaven"

Produced by Roger Klug
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Mental Giant

Artwork by Wendy and Mike Tittel

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The latest, greatest release from Roger Klug---ten years in the wilderness produces a genre-busting yet genre-defining effort. We are so speechless that we need to stop and finish this review later.  
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The Willies

  1. The Keys To The Car (3:35)
  2. She Doesn't Even Know I'm Alive (4:29)
  3. Look Before You Leap (2:31)
  4. Too Much On My Mind (3:29)
  5. Jenny Says (3:38)
  6. Shrinking Violet (3:40)
  7. A Dream Is A Good Place To Start (2:18)
  8. Don't Wreck My Buzz (3:56)
  9. I Am Slime (4:13)
10. Hand To Mouth (3:55)
11. Vibin' (3:53)
12. A Universal Thing (3:05)
13. New Way Of Thinking (4:48)
bonus track:
14. Divagate In Blue

Jeff Karch - Drums, Cymbals, Drum Machine, Percussion
Roger Klug - Guitar, Bass, Magnus Organ, Vocals

Produced by the Willies
Recorded at Mental Giant
Mixed at Prime Time
Cover Art by Charles Grund

Willies Sound Clips
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The debut album of the now-legendary Willies, which was the dynamic duo of Jeff Karch and Roger Klug.  Originally released in 1991 (the same year as Nirvana's Nevermind; where does the time go?!!), this seminal collection features 13 Klug-penned gems and riveting performances from both musicians.  The Willies were known for their highly energetic live shows; alas, the performances are history but the music lives on!  
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The Willies
Calm Cool Collected

  1. The Willies' Theme (1:23)
  2. Have And Have Not (3:56)
  3. The Human Condition (3:28)
  4. Calm Cool Collected (4:15)
  5. The Wedge (4:12)
  6. Get Out Of Your Blue Funk, Mr. Klug (2:51)
  7. I Me Myself And I (2:44)
  8. Human Time Bomb (3:35)
  9. The Secret To Life (4:40)
10. It's All In Your Head (4:05)
11. Everything Goes With Grey (3:42)
12. Wouldn't Put It Past Her (3:06)
13. Miss Ex (6:09)
14. Sister Mary Aloysius (4:10)
15. Do You Really Like The Grateful Dead? (2:43)
16. Someday (3:05)
17. The Willies' Theme (Reprise) (1:01)
18. The Groovy Existence (3:36) (previously hidden track (until now!))

Jeff Karch - Drums, Percussion, African Bass Thumb Piano, Vocals
Roger Klug - Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Backwards Distorted Autoharp, Vocals

Produced by the Willies
Recorded at Mental Giant
Mixed at Prime Time
Cover photo by Joey

Calm, Cool, Collected Sound Clips
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The second Willies' album finds the boys stretching out (for over 65 minutes!); die-hard fans of the band usually rate Calm Cool Collected a hair above its predecessor, if only for its scope and epic-ness.  Contains the classic period piece, "Do You Really Like The Grateful Dead?"  No album collection is complete without this opus!    

Where Has The Music Gone?:
The Lost Recordings of Clem Comstock

1. Battle Of The Wills - Gary Cilantro (2:14)
2. Sport Utility Vehicle - The Coney Islanders (2:39)
3. Never Gonna Get Married - The Schulte Sisters (featuring Bridgette Schulte) (2:48)
4. The Other Guy - Jerry Cacciatore (2:23)
5. Baby Teeth - Billy Action (3:05)
6. Don't Go - Rita and the Sweets (2:34)
7. Come And Get It While You Can - Gary Cilantro (2:19)
8. Just So - The Cooperative (2:47)
9. Frat Rock - The Stalagmites (2:55)
10. Pamela - Little O'Ryan and the Big Dippers (2:31)
11. I Want To Hold You - Harold Arnold (3:47)
12. Tilt A Whirl Tongue - Brave Sir Knight and the Squires (2:53)
13. Counting To Infinity - The United Federation of Brotherhood and Sisterhood (3:41)
14. Stay Home Day - Judy Spanner (2:04)
15. They Say They Can (I'd Like To See It) - Gary Cilantro (3:23)
16. He Got Bored With Me - Jennifer Houston (2:52)
17. Reed Pipe Boogie - Gnorman and the Gnats (2:12)
18. Where Has The Music Gone? - Roger Klug* (5:12)

Compiled and produced by Roger Klug
Original recordings produced by Clem Comstock except
   *recorded at Mental Giant
Design: Mike Tittel
Photos: Mike Tittel Archives and Clem Comstock Appreciation Society Archives

Special Thanks to Brian Deyo, Jenni Huss, Lora Knight, Emily Randle, Julie Spangler, Mike Tittel, Wendy Tittel, Dan Sweeley, Red, and Budd, without whom etc. etc.

Clem Comstock Sound Clips
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An earth-shattering musical find from the vaults of hitherto unknown writer/producer/Renaissance man Clem Comstock!  18 tracks never before issued in stereo!  Includes Gary Cilantro, The Schulte Sisters (featuring Bridgette Schulte), Billy Action, The Stalagmites, Gnorman and the Gnats, Jennifer Houston, The United Federation of Brotherhood and Sisterhood, and more!  Produced and compiled by Roger Klug.  


Clem Comstock page


Lynne Me Your Ears: A Tribute To The Music of Jeff Lynne
Not Lame NL 070
Dec. 2001
(disc 2- track 15) Turn To Stone
        Roger Klug - guitar, vocal
        Rick N. Baker - bass
        Mike Tittel - drums
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The New Swing Collection: Jump Up And Boogie
Elektra 62343-2
Dec. 1998
(track 11) Roger Klug - Bim Bam Boom (taken from 'Toxic & 15 Other Love Songs')

Exit 89 WNKU Vol. 3
limited edition pressing
Nov. 1998
(track 1) Bim Bam Boom (live version - previously unreleased)
        Roger Klug - guitar, lead vocal
        Jamie Criswell - bass
        Mike Tittel - drums

Virtually Alternative Compilation CD
Sep. 1998
(track 10) Roger Klug - Bim Bam Boom (taken from 'Toxic & 15 Other Love Songs')

Jammin' On Main
limited edition pressing
May 1998
Roger Klug - What's A Little Love Between Friends (previously unreleased)



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