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Here are a few lovely tidbits that some respected folk in the pop community had to say about Mental Giant's poster boy.   To find some great juice on Klug, read the Bucketfull of Brains interview. 


Dayton Daily News, 4/6/01
Review of Clem, Bucketfull of Brains, Spring '00
Review of Clem, Amplifier, Spring '00
Review of Clem, Pookie the Homunculus
Review of Clem, hEARd (Australia), Dec. '99
Review of Clem, Spectator Online, 9/11/99
Review of Clem, Cincinnati CityBeat, August '99
Review of Clem, Alan Haber's Pure Pop, July '99
Review of Clem, Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/30/99
Review of Clem, Cincinnati Post, 7/15/99
Review of Mama and Toxic, hEARd (Australia), Dec. '99
Review of Toxic, Goldmine Magazine, Oct. '98
Virtually Alternative
, September '98
Review of Toxic, MOJO, September '98
Review of Toxic, Popsided, Summer '98
Review of Toxic, Alan Haber's Pure Pop, June '98
Cincinnati CityBeat, 5/8/98
Review of Toxic, Cleveland Scene, 10/30/97
Review of Toxic, Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/11/97
Cincinnati City Beat, 6/26/97
Interview with Roger Klug, Bucketfull of Brains, Spring '97
Review of Mama, Mama... Bucketfull of Brains, Winter '96
Review of Mama, Mama... Everybody's News, 2/16/96
Review of Mama, Mama... Cincinnati CityBeat, 2/96


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