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Where Has The Music Gone?
The Lost Recordings of Clem Comstock

An earth-shattering musical find from the vaults of hitherto unknown writer/producer/Renaissance man Clem Comstock!  18 tracks never before issued in stereo!  Includes Gary Cilantro, The Schulte Sisters (featuring Bridgette Schulte), Billy Action, The Stalagmites, Gnorman and the Gnats, Jennifer Houston, The United Federation of Brotherhood and Sisterhood, and more!  Produced and compiled by Roger Klug.

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Toxic and 15 Other Love Songs
Presenting for your listening pleasure Roger's latest, internationally hailed second solo album.  Described once by the artist as "sort of a loosely-based concept album no Christ forget I ever said that," Toxic is a pop tour de force that leaves no stone unturned in the quest for exposing and exploring the viscosity and thermal breakdown of human  relationships.  No less than that.  Picking a single off of "this very diverse palette" (one radio programmer's description) proves befuddling; everyone has their own fave of the 17 (whoops, we meant 16!) contenders. "She's A Singer," "Baby On Her Mind," "Porcupine," "On The Way To His Wedding," "Toxic," "Bim Bam Boom," all have enjoyed radio play across the U.S. of A.  Your vote counts.  Polls close at midnight tonight.

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Mama, Mama, Ich bin in dem La La Land
If Toxic is Roger Klug's Pop Masterpiece, then Mama, Mama is his Garage Rock Album.  The guitars are cranked one louder, and the ancient 8-track machine which died shortly after mixing this opus replicates everything in Full Analog Glory.  Check out the guitar textures of "Our Friend Jess" and "They Ain't The Same," relish the devil-may-care vocal delivery of "Tongue Tied" and "About Your Cat," but don't ignore the baroque yet pathological "Austin and Aaron" with its gorgeous string quartet and "Vibin'," which could be described as a nightmare that swings.  Play Toxic and Mama, Mama back to back and you will have heard no less than 33 of your favorite songs.

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The debut album of the now-legendary Willies, which was the dynamic duo of Jeff Karch and Roger Klug.  Originally released in 1991 (the same year as Nirvana's Nevermind; where does the time go?!!), this seminal collection features 13 Klug-penned gems and riveting performances from both musicians.  The Willies were known for their highly energetic live shows; alas, the performances are history but the music lives on!

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Calm Cool Collected
The second Willies' album finds the boys stretching out (for over 65 minutes!); die-hard fans of the band usually rate Calm Cool Collected a hair above its predecessor, if only for its scope and epic-ness.  Contains the classic period piece, "Do You Really Like The Grateful Dead?"  No album collection is complete without this opus!  

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