Press kit from 8 years ago (not all items current)

Did you know that Roger Klug...

is pronounced rah'jir kloog?

likes bananas, turtlenecks and the fairer sex?

has written one song a day for the last seven years (not all good)?

performs live with Mike Tittel on drums and Jamie Criswell on bass? [replaced by Greg Tudor June '08, sometimes Julie Spangler on keys when she's not touring the world or making homemade sauces in the kitchen---Ed.]

is a "Gibson boy"?

had stagefright at a young age and refused to appear as an extra on the Uncle Al Show (a sort of local version of Romper Room), even though his brother, two years younger than he, did?

prefers to listen to music that is "unpopular and obscure"?

is a damn Scorpio?

had a childhood crush on Jodie Foster which she never, ever reciprocated?

can be contacted c/o Mental Giant Music, P.O. Box 9400, Cincinnati, Ohio 45209 U.S.A.   e-mail: rklug05 AT

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